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Know your brand

Writing an academic paper isn't a walk in a park, so a completion of it deserves a celebration. But there's a good chance that it won't be read at all. Poor writing has nothing to do with it. but rather the hundreds, if not thousands, of other papers that are on display. If the university is not one of your career options, then you won't take it hard. Otherwise, this can have a grave effect on your academic career.

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Let's get personal

Blame it on the recession. The first decade of the third millennium saw drastic cut on the budget in newspapers and magazines. The number of pages (of newspapers and magazines) would depend on the number of paid advertisements. In other words, more ads, more pages, more space for news writers. The economy forced editors to look into the Internet. Lo and behold, there were blogs at great length. The authors revealed intimate details to strangers, many of whom don't get anything in return. A trend was set.

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Applying to university: 5 things you must know

If you haven't picked your university, which would be your home away from home for a few years, then don't press the PANIC button. You're not the only one, even if spring is about to come to an end. This will be a life-changing decision, so there's no need to rush on it. Moreover, this can be your big leap to adulthood. You're on your own, and so are your coursemates and dorm mates. You'll learn many things, along with managing your coursework. It's challenging, if not stressful at times. Before you whine about the trivial stuff, you must have a sensible approach to your situation.

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Your guide for surviving the exam season

This won't be your first time to prepare for a test, but you haven't been through an emotional roller coaster. There will be a first time for everything, and your first year in the university won't be different from the others. If you're anxious about it, then don't make it worse. There are five ways to do it. (And you better believe it.) Take note of the following

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A match made in heaven?

If you think about it, the publishing industry is no different from showbiz. There's hardly a day when there are speculations on which titles will be coming soon. The news about Philip Pullman's sequel to His Dark Materials seems to be cooling off while no one can confirm another mash-up novel. Bill Clinton and James Patterson are writing a novel. You don't need to read it again.

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Here's a word for thought

Imagine yourself gazing at the Colosseum, the moonlight hardly distinguishable in the yellow glow of the bulbs within it. You're not only thinking about the gladiators, but also the Italian language. It's part of the Romance languages, which have its origin to the Roman Empire. The dialect that ancient Romans spoke during the heyday managed to evolve and survive the centuries, and there can only be one reason. The Romance languages are among the Top 20 dialects in the world.

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Can celebrities be the hope of our children's future?

You may not fondly remember Nicki Minaj for her stint in "American Idol". Many won't imitate her twerking, which she did during the 2014 Video Music Awards. And you won't get tired of the jokes on celebrities who went under the knife. (In the rapper's case, the results were hard to ignore.) Despite of all of these, Minaj's recent tweet could make you wonder if celebrities would be the savior of teenagers who can't pay for their college education. You read it right. She's the latest star who is willing to give a bright future to a student at a (financial) disadvantage, providing that candidate can show straight As.

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For your consideration: Fantasy genre

Fantasy won't likely be one of the modules that you'll study during your first year in the English Department, but don't count against not opening some books on that genre during your time in the university. The members of the faculty would know it, and they would be foolish to exclude it. Fantasy is one of the most popular genres in both literature and cinema. King Arthur's exploits, as well as the Knights of the Round Table, would be up in the list. Guy Ritchie will release his modern update on Arthurian romance on May 17. As the trailer suggests, the slow-motion pacing during the violent scenes is far from John Boorman's take on the Excalibur.

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Your guilty secret: Fibbing your reading habit

According to Reading Agency, nearly half of the respondents on their survey admitted that they have lied about reading the classics. The demographics revealed younger readers, who rather waited for the film adaptation of these books. James Bond came on top of the list, followed by Frodo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey Wizard and the Pevensie siblings.

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The spy who loved me

Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons published "The Secret Service" in 2012, a spy comic books series that could also be classified as a coming-of-age comic tale. A rogue organisation wanted to lay its hands on celebrities who portrayed James Bond (or any big-screen spy for that matter).