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Your 5 Best Sources For Academic Paper Writing

Knowledge is all you need to write a good academic paper, as you must be able to demonstrate your academic prowess. You have to look for reliable sources, and there is much information to look over in a short notice. Let's start with the Internet: You're wise enough not to give Wikipedia a second chance. It's the site for students who are too lazy to do an extensive research on their assignment.

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Reading vs Browsing the Book: 7 Things You Should Know

There will be cynics, there will be doubters. And then there will be you. It has something to do with Columbia Pictures doing a Spider-Man reboot with Marvel Films. It will be another summer blockbuster, dispelling any suspicions that it will be anything but the money. Screenwriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley would do the unthinkable: A summer film with a good story.

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Getting ready for the new term

You're thinking about warm clothing, even if it seems like a permanent 27 degree Celsius at the moment. You're musing about the exciting scenes in the upcoming Marvel films (after watching the trailers), as you (momentarily) forget Spider-man. You're about to catch up on your Young-adult reading without giving some thought to your resolution during the last week of the (just-concluded) term.

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It's Time to Address Those Common Writing Mistakes

If you dread having to sit down and write that class assignment, then you're not the only one. Writing requires a sense of abandon, which will enable you to avoid several hours of composing the draft (for your assignment). A whole day may be the worst scenario especially if you're writing about something you don't like at all; Shakespeare won't be a popular topic unless Hollywood adapts his plays to the big screen.

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5 Easy Steps to Write a Book Review

It's understandable if some students dread writing a book review. It's a form of literary criticism, a skill that English major students can master in a year or less. But not everyone aspires to be a critic. Most (students) prefer to do something else during their free time. (They must have a social life or else.) Analyzing a book can be a daunting prospect, and discussing its content, style, and merit might lead to sleepless nights. Have no fear.

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How to Write a Perfect Dissertation Introduction

A dissertation may or may not be submitted to obtain an academic degree, but there's no doubt about its importance. It will be judged on whether (or not) it will make a unique contribution to the university. In this regard, it will take up most of your time. It might take a few years (to finish it) depending on the complexity of the topic. And even the best-laid plans can go awry.

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Meet the (unlikely) romantic hero

He's one of the frequent characters in any book. In fact, a story would be incomplete without him. It won't be the leading man, not even his leading lady. Could it be a romantic hero? Not exactly.

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Know your brand

Writing an academic paper isn't a walk in a park, so a completion of it deserves a celebration. But there's a good chance that it won't be read at all. Poor writing has nothing to do with it. but rather the hundreds, if not thousands, of other papers that are on display. If the university is not one of your career options, then you won't take it hard. Otherwise, this can have a grave effect on your academic career.

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Let's get personal

Blame it on the recession. The first decade of the third millennium saw drastic cut on the budget in newspapers and magazines. The number of pages (of newspapers and magazines) would depend on the number of paid advertisements. In other words, more ads, more pages, more space for news writers. The economy forced editors to look into the Internet. Lo and behold, there were blogs at great length. The authors revealed intimate details to strangers, many of whom don't get anything in return. A trend was set.

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Applying to university: 5 things you must know

If you haven't picked your university, which would be your home away from home for a few years, then don't press the PANIC button. You're not the only one, even if spring is about to come to an end. This will be a life-changing decision, so there's no need to rush on it. Moreover, this can be your big leap to adulthood. You're on your own, and so are your coursemates and dorm mates. You'll learn many things, along with managing your coursework. It's challenging, if not stressful at times.