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Jul 9th 2018

10 Summer Activities to Boost Your College Application

You should know that the best college applicants have similar test scores, also GPAs not far from each other. They also attempt to stretch their imagination by thinking (a bit too hard) about their best traits during their participation in the school's extracurricular activities. And they won't forget varsity. You wouldn't panic if you couldn't match their achievements, not even be close to their high grades. Summer could be your golden opportunity.

Cinema must be the farthest from your mind unless you're thinking of film studies, if not a double degree (majoring in film studies and another degree remotely related to movies). You're not thinking of quantum physics after watching "Ant-Man and the Wasp". It could have been the most exciting thing, of how a villain could change phases in a matter of seconds, but a degree course revolving around science won't make it in your shortlist. On the other hand, you're toying with the idea of petting your neighbor's adorable Frenchie. She's looking for a puppy nanny, though. You don't have to be disappointed about it, as adorable pets won't help you in your quest to gain admittance in a university.

Your choices aren't limited, but they're not varied as you suspect at first.

Potentials Careers That Will Put Your CV to the Yes Pile

Enroll in a specialized high school program. You could ask your teacher(s) about students setting up their own company. It may be far from the real thing, but it should give you an idea on how professionals act in a work environment. If you don't fancy it, then observe students who participate in public speaking. Good communication is a plus, which should take you to high places. There must be a program catering to it.

Get involved in a research. If you're leaning towards science, then you must take your lab experiments seriously. A student interested in psychology should not make light of those personality tests. A budding BA English students could have read countless articles on a certain author (or genre). Pick one soon.

Attend an online class, if not drop in an actual class. It's a matter of convenience over your attempt to get a feel of being a commuting student (or vice versa). There are an upside and downside to both options, but you want to know how a (college) community feels like. Don't hesitate, as this could make the adjustment (from high school to college) less difficult.

Look for volunteering opportunities in your community. You might be unaware of your privileged background, as you rather want to show off your addiction to wanderlust. Don't try to hide it, as an admissions tutor could see how grounded you are. And it should give you a slight advantage over the other applicants. Volunteering also offers the same benefits, and much more. You also spend less. The money you save here can go to your actual expense during the term.

Find a (summer) job. Don't be obsessed about embarking on your favored career path at such a very young age, but looking for a summer job could impress recruiters. It's an exercise of your initiative, also your attempt to be a responsible teen.

Visit the library. There are lots of advantages, which outweigh your sudden sadness on not having to socialize too often. You could gain a head start, as some books may be part of the module. You'll learn new words, which you could use in your (future) essays. And you might want to befriend your librarian. An angel in disguise would be waiting for you.

Spend more time by yourself. It should force you to be introspective, which could help you get a high mark in your essay papers.

There might be a job-shadowing opportunity in your community. There may not be another time for this one, so show some enthusiasm.

Prepare for the entrance examination(s). If any of the above didn't appeal to you, then think of perfection. You must not settle for anything less, as you have studied hard enough.

Be your own entrepreneur. Selling glasses of cold lemonade should be a good start. If you're a photography enthusiast, then it might be a great idea to customize your page in social media. Show some restraint and camaraderie.

Make Your Life Easier by Using Apps

There will be skeptics here, as you can get hooked to social media in minutes. It might be a hard habit not to check your emails every other day. And you're one of those teenagers who aren't tech savvy. Yet.

Everything you need to know can be found in the Net, so you don't have to ay more. If you don't like perspiring from moving a lot, then find a cool place in your home and do an online research. Focus as much as possible, as the season goes faster than a blink. You can only do so much. There won't be any excuses. And show your generous side in return. You won't get lost.

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