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Mar 12th 2019

20 Slang Words Every College Student Should Know

You're about to start attending your first ragers and mixers. You'll be building connections with froomies and you'll want no flaky people around. This year will be GOAT and you'll be keeping it 100 all the time.

Did you have a problem understanding everything you just read? That's because you still haven't been introduced to the college slang phenomenon. When you get on campus, you'll start wondering if everyone there talks in a foreign language. But it's still English. It's just millennial slang, which you'll need to master whether you like it or not.

It would be best for you to show up prepared. You want to be ready to fit into the environment. Right? So why don't you start adopting some college slang terms on this very day? We'll list 20 slang words that every college student should know.

millenial slang which you shouldn't miss

1. Rager

This is a party like no other. It's huge. It's COLOSSAL. It involves more alcohol and more partying. When someone is throwing a rager, you better wrap up your studying early, so you can get there.

The usual definition of the term rager is "someone who's in rage." It's the right term to describe how wild these parties are.

Don't do too many of them!

2. Mixer

This is an old-style party between a fraternity and a sorority. We're talking about these two communities and zero outsiders. The brothers and sisters get to mingle.

3. Froomie

You know how people hate their roomies? It's a stereotype: your college roommate is supposed to be dirty, loud, disorganized, and simply outrageous. That's not how the froomie is. This is a deviation from the norm. It's a roommate you actually like. It's a friend-roomie.

4. Flaky

Flaky is a person you can't count on. They promise they will share their notes from class, but then find an excuse not to do that. They promise to show up on a date, but stand you up or cancel last minute. You'll be surprised with the number of flaky people you'll meet at college.


A party can be GOAT. A girlfriend/boyfriend can be GOAT. You can be GOAT.

No; we're not talking about the animal goat. This is an abbreviation for "greatest of all time.

6. Keeping it 100

This is the opposite of flaky. When someone is keeping it 100, they always show up. This is a highly reliable person who helps their friends while meeting their own deadlines at the same time. Who wouldn't like to be this person?

7. Goals

You see a cute couple on campus and your friend comments: Goals. You see that yogini student on Instagram, and people keep repeating this comment like a mantra: Goals.

Yup, college slang tends to be brief because no one has time to waste words. When someone says Goals, it means they aspire to be close to the thing they use that word for.

 8. V

Out of all millennial slang words we know of, this is possibly the most confusing one. V could stand for many things, but it stands for a really simple word: very. V dope, huh?

 9. Dope

You might think that when someone mentions the term dope, it has to be related to drugs. But it's not. At college, you'll often hear it used as an adjective that means cool.

10. Finesse

This fancy word stands for the act of manipulating someone to get things for free. You can finesse a guy for a drink, if that's your style.

11. Salty Much?

In translation, this is what it means: "Jealous, much?"

12. Bring On the Shade

Here, "shade" stands for gossip. People will throw shade on others a lot. Try not to get into that mood too often, will you?

13. Thirsty

When someone says they are thirsty, it means they miss flirting, attention, or sex. Or it just means they want water. Go figure!

14. Woke

When someone is woke, it means they are mindful and aware. You know; it's a Millennial thing.

15. Thick

This term is usually used to describe curvy girls with desirable bodies. But be careful; many girls will get offended by it.

16. Dead

You can be dead because you got fed up with something or you're shocked. You can even use the word when you laugh too much. Or, you can be dead when you're too tired. How many lives does a college student have?

17. Turnt

This is an adjective you use to show you're having a really good time.

18. Budge Up

When someone tells you to budge up, they want you to move a little, so you'll make space for them to sit.

19. Freshman Fifteen

Hopefully, you won't get the Freshman Fifteen. This means gaining fifteen pounds during the first semester at college. It's a result of too much fast food... and alcohol.

20. Veg Out

This is something you do after exam weeks or after a big party. It means to relax and do nothing else with your time.

Wait, are you going to college to earn a degree or are you there to learn a new language? Who cares? Slang is fun. College is fun. Just enjoy it, will you?

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