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Jan 30th 2019

25 Brilliant Tips for Successful Studying When You Have Zero Motivation

Why can't I focus on studying? It's a question every student comes faced with in times of crisis. There comes a point when you find it hard to cope with your sudden lack of energy. This leads to a lack of motivation, which affects much more than your marks.

As you see your academic performance worsen, it's easy to lose confidence in yourself. That's a trap you should never fall in. Losing motivation in college may be unfortunate, but you can easily regain the energy you desperately need.

With these 25 brilliant, but simple tips from our online thesis writing service, you'll know how to motivate yourself to study.

Remember, nobody was born motivated. It's up to you to make a choice and learn how to study successfully in times of crisis.

How to study if you lost motivation

  1. Make to-do lists for even the simplest things

    When looking for finals motivation, not even the most effective motivational words can't help you. Why? Oftentimes, this is due to the quantity that you have to cram in your head. However, there is an effective way to trick your brain.

    Make a to-do list, but put everything that you have to do during the day. At one point, the number of things crossed off will outweigh your studying obligations.

  2. Reflect on your goals

    If you wish to find that elusive motivation for finals, it's not enough to write down the goals. You have to recite and remember them. When you aren't feeling happy studying, just remember why you've started.

    Remembering your dreams and replaying them in your head is sometimes the motivation to finish college. Try doing this on a regular basis, and you should see the results.

  3. Break down every task into smaller ones

    "Organization and education, when they interact with each other, they strengthen each other, they are mutually supportive." - Noam Chomsky

    A major cause of procrastination why you can't focus on studying is a lack of organization. When you don't know where to begin, you will always be discouraged by the number of things you have to do. Organize your plan into small, doable tasks, listed chronologically.

  4. Find motivation to study in real examples

    When you're not sure how to get motivated to study, relax and look around you. Think about the successful people you know, but focus on the hard work it took them to get there.

    Seeing that there are accomplished individuals around you is a key lesson in learning how to focus on studying. Looking up to the right people is always an effective way to get motivated.

  5. Learn how to motivate someone

    "A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success." - Unknown

    The best way to feel good energy in life is to give away the same energy. Talk to one of your friends and encourage them. Be there for them. As you refuse to let them give up, you will see how little it takes to get through a time when you have zero motivation.

    how to motivate someone

  6. Attend study sessions

    Finding finals motivation is much easier when you're studying with others. Why exactly? When you're in a group of people, your mind won't wander, and you will be encouraged by your friends working hard.

    Also, group studying is an opportunity to test each other's knowledge. Make quizzes, grade each other. It's all about knowing how to make studying fun!

  7. Organize study sessions

    Do you find yourself often saying "I have no motivation for school? If so, it's also possible that you're avoiding study sessions because of that lack of motivation. Organize study sessions with your friends to prevent that from happening.

    When you're the organizer, it's nearly impossible to avoid the study session. Developing organization skills will teach you how to stay motivated in school with ease.

  8. Implement rewards

    Thinking about the future and all your goals is helpful, but your mind needs something more immediate. Reward yourself for working hard and studying! For example, you can allow yourself to watch an episode of your favorite show after every 3 hours of studying.

    Achieving the 3-hour mark will be much easier, and you will deservingly rest after working hard. Your motivation levels will spike.

  9. The key to motivation is 'following a routine'

    Consistency is the best way to stop yourself from being lethargic. It's all about creating a routine to show your mind that you are capable of carrying out unpleasant tasks.

    Create a plan and stick to it for at least a week. When your brain realizes that you've completed the daily schedule 5 times in a row, you will think "Why not the sixth time, too?"

  10. Know your weaknesses

    Knowing thyself if the first step towards evoking those school motivational thoughts. If you are aware that you like to binge watch shows or spend time on social media, the problem will become less "frightening."

    Everyone has a weakness or is prone to avoiding studying to have fun and relax. What sets successful people apart from others is being aware of those weaknesses.

  11. Aim for quality, not quantity

    "The most successful men work smart, not hard"

    ― BangambikiHabyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

    Every student has limited energy, and it's not something you should be ashamed of.

    It's all about using your energy to accomplish the most you can at any given moment. If you study even if you're tired, you won't accomplish anything. Do less, but better.

  12. Rest

    There has been a trend of "pulling all-nighters" in recent years. It's just an illusion, related to our previous tip. Your brain needs to be refreshed by sleep and frequent breaks. No matter how powerful our minds are, they're still not machines.

    With 8 hours of sleep and breaks, it's entirely possible to accomplish any goal that you desire. Schedule your rest sessions and plan to study around them.

    combine study and rest

  13. Speak to a teacher

    As unorthodox as it sounds, teachers can be the best people to approach when looking for fresh school motivational thoughts.

    The teachers have been through your current phase in life and can advise you. Since it's their class, they will know how to "radiate" test motivation for students. It is their goal that you become an expert in that subject. Therefore, they will help.

  14. View homework as an investment

    Students always ask us about how to motivate yourself to do homework. Well, look at it as a future investment. The more you work now, the easier will it be when mastering new material for the exam.

    By doing your homework regularly, you will memorize a lot. With that memory, it will take much less time to prepare for an actual test. Do homework every day to build consistency.

  15. Use an app to help you with studying

    Studying for long hours can often be counter-productive. Instead of reading or revision for hours at a time, download a Pomodoro app to help you time your studying.

    With a dedicated timer, you will study for 25 minutes and rest for 5. Small chunks of time will maximize your performance. It can even teach you how to make studying fun by setting yourself challenges!

  16. The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish

    Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill. - Christopher Parker

    Just because you've procrastinated and managed to falsely earn a bit of rest, it will backfire later on. Because of a late start, you might feel more tired later and accomplish much less.

    To avoid this, start sooner to maximize your mental capabilities. It will become evident that studying isn't that hard and you will regain your lost motivation!

  17. Don't let studying hours interfere with your free time

    After reading motivational words, lots of students become very hyped up and study more than they planned. This is a great way to learn how to focus on studying, but it can have negative effects in your long run.

    Free time is necessary to rest your brain cells and prepare you for new tasks. Isolate your free time and use it well. You will see that resisting the urge to study pays off.

  18. Ask others around you

    Nobody ever learned anything by not asking for help. Like we've said, successful people are good examples, which means you should ask them how to motivate yourself to study.

    Different people have different methods of effectively studying. You will learn many different ways and have the chance to find out what works for you.

  19. Look for additional material

    When you're going through a textbook, it's often written in dull and monotone language. If you have one of these for every subject, it definitely becomes hard to remember how to stay motivated in school.

    A good solution would be to search for documentaries, articles and other resources about the same subject. Chances are, they're written in a much more dynamic tone, making them easier to read.

  20. See failures as free lessons

    Did you ever think about why successful people are successful? The answer is because they've failed a lot before finally making it big. When you fail, you can inquire into what went wrong.

    If you invest enough time in contemplating about your failures, you will never repeat the same mistakes. Looking at things from this perspective makes it much easier to cope with errors from the past.

    read motivational quote

  21. Write a short textbook

    Some classes require you to read a lot. Oftentimes, it's not enough to read the book once, which is often demotivating. The best way to bypass this lack of motivation is to rewrite and shorten the material with your own words.

    While doing this task, your mind will be glued to the information you have to learn. Plus, you will have a customized textbook that is much easier to use.

  22. Become a tutor

    This tip is mostly suited for juniors and seniors in college. If you have a class that you have throughout your studies, become a tutor in it.

    Teaching younger students about things you already know will give you an excellent basis to learn current material more easily. Additionally, the money you will earn will motivate you into studying even more.

  23. Highlight the things you don't and don't know

    Every textbook needs to be read multiple times if you wish to memorize everything. During one of the reading sessions, highlight the things you know well and things you don't.

    When you're reading it the next time, you will know what to focus on. Use highlight markers in different colors and studying will go much faster.

  24. Read something that interests you

    Reading when you have to read? Although it does sound a bit paradoxical, reading fiction and something you like can help you restore the motivation to study. How?

    By training your mind to focus on scanning text, it will find the activity much more pleasant for textbooks. It's a good way to relax, as well.

  25. Visit the TA

    Sometimes, you're feeling demotivated because some things aren't clear and it may be too late to try to learn them. It's never too late! Contact your TA and visit them with all the questions you have.

    Contrary to popular belief, TAs don't scorn students when they have questions. On the contrary - the love when someone is taking an interest in the subject!

Concluding thoughts

Applying these tips to your studying schedule will aid you immensely. You will become much more efficient and confident, easily accomplishing every goal. Soon after, you will see your entire life improve just because you've learned to find motivation and persevere.

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