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May 3rd 2018

5 Creative Ideas for Students to Enjoy Reading and Writing

You might be too old to bring out your grade-school kid in you and interpret "Games of Thrones" through simple illustrations on a piece of paper, but this could be THE activity that would save you from procrastinating during the spring semester.

Managing the coursework requires self-discipline and a sense of urgency, but an enthusiastic approach to your essay papers may be more important at this stage. After all, you need to summon your imagination during those unholy hours. Think outside the box. Adopt a playful attitude to books that you must read and write about. You must be excited about authors (or genres) you're unfamiliar with, as it might give you a chance to think of ideas that you have written in your previous courses. There may be an issue in Modern literature, as it overlaps many genres. The achievements of the authors during this era have made a lasting impact on the succeeding generations of readers and writers alike. A light-bulb moment solves the problem, and it can happen while watching a Netflix show. Your coursemate(s) may help you as well. (Hold your tongue if you're attending the same course.) It can be a hobby that you're indulging in.

Turning College into Your Own Playground

Inspire your followers on Instagram. You can take a photo of a nice spot in your college (using your mobile phone), and upload it to Instagram later. The goal is not to impress other photography enthusiasts, but to inspire them to read the books that keep you from attending parties. Type your favorite quote, if not a brief comment on a book. Don't forget to relate it to the image you have posted. Tell your friends about it, which could motivate you.

Post-It Notes can be a good alternative. If your coursemates aren't keen on participating on it, then don't feel bad about it. What they need is a little more time, and you know how to do it. Write down your favorite quotes on Post-It Notes, and then post it on your wall. Don't overdo it by inviting them to your room.

Play the game of word detectives. List down unfamiliar words, if not terms that are too esoteric to your ears. Invite your coursemates to do the same thing. The game involves guessing the meaning of the words, and how to use it. There must be a prize at the end of the game, as this can keep it going for months. A can of beer or two will do, if not a box of pizza. You can be generous by preparing a dinner for them.

If words don't excite you, then armchair traveling could do wonders for you. Think of Juliet's balcony in Genoa. Do a quick research on the literary tour of London. If you happen to be a fan of Gothic fiction, then Google the Medieval castles with are rumored to be haunted for centuries. It could be a good substitute to a holiday in Europe, but there are cheaper ways. If you're based on the East Coast, then you might allot a weekend for a trip to New York. You should have an idea of the current location of the opulent neighborhood where Edith Wharton had spent her younger years. If you're a rugged teenager with a hunger for distant horizons, then you can retrace the steps of Jack Kerouac. If this can give you the adrenaline to finish the semester on a high note, then don't think twice about it.

Make an informal gathering. There's no need to notify the faculty about it. As a matter of fact, they would encourage you to do it. This kind of activity is arguably the best way to make new friends who share the same interests, if not ideas. The days of struggling to finish your assignment will be a thing of the past, as all you need is this kind of meet-up. It can cure your writer's block without knowing it. Someone might have told you something that has been eluding you for days.

Watch Out For The Following Signs

You might become too eccentric from doing the activities, which your coursemates might notice it before you do. It can affect your routine. It can lead to a change of mood, if not bouts of restlessness that can annoy your roommate (or dorm mates).

There's nothing wrong with approaching your tutor and talk about anything not related to the course. You might share a common interest. You may be tempted to ask about the perks of an academic career, if not your chances of surviving your graduate studies. You can save those questions for another day.

If anyone you know is too busy for such a thing, then do something you truly enjoy. If it's loafing, then don't be ashamed of it. James Norman Hall vouched for it. On the other hand, you might be too tired to continue. A nice bed is waiting for you.

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