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May 21st 2018

5 Cleaning Tips to Help You Have an Awesome Spring

You have time to Google Tarquin the Proud, the last king of Rome. His tyranny led to his overthrow (and the rise of the Roman Republic), but you were more interested in the Sibylline books. You couldn't get enough of the fabled tale behind it, which would be the premise of Rick Riordan's next novel. The fall seems far away, and you're not thinking of this year. You also find the time to queue up outside the local theater, which wasn't far from the campus. You could wait for the first screening of "Deadpool 2", eager to initiate the conversation with your comics-crazy roommate later on. You weren't expecting much after watching the recent Marvel pictures. You didn't expect the cheesy soundtrack, though. (Why didn't Ryan Reynolds thought of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"?) And you have never seen too many posterior shots. (Love handles seem more pleasing to the sight.) You needed these kinds of distractions during these intense moments of the semester, which left you little time for cleaning your room.

You could excuse yourself for neglecting your room after almost missing the deadline for your assignment. You have time to bring out the trash, though. (You didn't want to annoy your roommate, who was more determined to stick to the schedule. And you were impressed at his not missing any deadline.) You hardly noticed the early days of spring, but you don't want to let the season pass without giving it the proper notice. You're thinking of arranging your room. Is it possible during this very busy time? A willing mind (or can-do attitude) can do wonders.

You Don't Need 30 Minutes to Achieve the Following

Open the window (and clean it if you can). Your coursemates may not have noticed the dirt on your window, but your roommate made remarks about it on a number of occasions. And your bed would be close to it. Winter should be a good excuse to take no notice of it for months, but you shouldn't miss the (spring) sunshine. It may be cold in some days, but you would prefer it over a gray, chilly day. If you can't stand it, then keep the window open for several minutes or more. It should be enough to let the sunshine in, which could lift up your spirits. You may be too exhausted from paper writing, but you don't really need to lie down (and take a nap). A distraction is what you need, a household chore that can energize you one more time. You should have noticed the window one more time.

Take stock of your books. You can be a generous soul by donating your books, if not lend it to younger students. You might make new friends. There's no need to do it immediately, as you have more important matters to attend. Keep note of the titles, as you tend to it after the end of the term. If you're hesitant about it, then take note of the crammed space in your room. It should change your mind.

Donate your clothes to homeless shelters. Not all of it, but a few that you don't plan to bring back home. There is another clothing item that you've been thinking of keeping it in the closet, but something come to mind. You may need new clothing next term. Asking around may not yield a short list of charitable groups, but look around. And pay close attention. There's a homeless shelter or two. You might be keeping your summer clothing in the corner as well.

Keep your study table tidy and free from things. This might be a challenging task, as you can't think of another place to put those framed photos. If you've used your gap year, then you might have a souvenir item that you want to look at. It might inspire you, which is why you don't want to remove it from your desk. No one forbids you to litter the table with an assortment of objects that you may (or may not) need when you least expect it. These things could disrupt your focus on your assignment, though. Some students may thrive on a messy environment, which triggers their creative side. You wouldn't one of them.

Check out on those papers. You may not pay attention to it during the last few months. Some might end up under your bed, also (under) the table. You could also look under the closet (if there's space underneath it). You can reuse it next term, as throwing it away may not be an environment-friendly thing to do. Other items could come to your attention, which should save you some time for a cleaning before embarking on a summer holiday.

You Almost Forget One More Thing

You may not have time for the gym, if not the long walk every other morning (or afternoon). You can adopt a flexible approach, such that you can do it once on weekdays and another one on weekends. Your folks won't mind if you can't go home, as you have all the time during summer.

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