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Nov 23rd 2018

5 Simple Hacks to Make Your College Essay Writing Effortless

how to make college essay writing easy

Essay writing does not come naturally to a lot of people. One of the essential skills a student needs is the ability to write a good essay. Good essay writing skills can get a student into college and ensure passing grades.

Once at college, students face the challenge of multiple essays for different courses. Balancing the coursework requirements with an active college social life is a challenge.

Use these 5 simple college essay writing hacks to make sure there's time for work and play at college:

1. Manage the time given effectively

Sitting down to write a college essay at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Insufficient research becomes evident to the reader within the first few lines. Few essay instructions are issued with unfriendly timeframes. Students tend to make the timeframes unfriendly by waiting until the eleventh hour to get started.

Essay writing is an integral part of university learning system and this makes it vital for you to have a flair for it.

As soon as the instruction is issued, research should start. Your research skills come in handy at this point. An approach must be brainstormed to guide the direction of the research. Any essay is augmented by the amount of research done. Too much is better than too little. A student may choose to sift through the research and select only some of the sources for the essay.

The writing of the essay should not be delayed either. Very few students and writers have success with the first draft.

2. Stick to the topic or instruction

Before even attempting an essay, a student should have a sound understanding of what is expected. Interpreting the question or instruction posed correctly may be the difference between a pass and a fail. Missing the point ends up requiring correction and alterations that take up a lot of time.

One of the simplest ways to start a question or instruction analysis is to look at the verbs in the instruction.

For example, 'evaluate,' and 'compare' are two different approaches. Understand the approach and then analyze the content or topic. This is applicable not only to coursework. The approach is also the first step in writing a great college application essay.

Writing a whole lot of waffle instead of getting to the point takes up time. A more effective way to use that time is something students will easily find.

3. Keep the point of essay writing in mind

A simple regurgitation of the thoughts and words of others does not an outstanding essay make. The basis of the essay is the core information that comes from the research. The final analysis belongs to the student. The idea behind essay writing is to see if a student can interpret the research and use it to create a sound conclusion.

A student should never consider an essay complete with a simple layout of the facts. The reader already knows the facts. The student's ability to use the facts to express a personal opinion is what essay writing is about.

The final analysis is why students need to do sufficient research. Taking a basic approach and sticking only to one or two sources can result in a one-sided argument or conclusion.

4. Focus on the quality of writing

This is where college essay writing help resources can be useful.Guidelines and advice are what students need while getting accustomed to the process. Poor quality writing puts the reader off and can result in lower grades. All the best research and opinions fade into the background when coupled with poor writing.

One of the elements of quality writing is the organization of the work. Going back and forth or jumping from one sub-topic to the next reflects poorly on the writer. For this reason, several drafts of an essay are necessary. Upon re-reading an essay, the student will straightaway recognize a lack of organization and correct it.

Another vital element of quality writing is readability. Long, wordy sentences drown out the information or opinions being put forward.

5. It's all in the final product

Proofreading and editing are essential parts of the essay writing process. Proofreading is the process of checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues. A slip of the finger while typing is easy.

Many grammar cecking programs are available, but they aren't perfect. There is no substitute for the human touch. Students are advised never to hand in an essay that hasn't been checked by someone else. A college essay writing service offers a proofreading option.

Editing is something akin to fact-checking and quality assurance. Making sure that the research correctly cited is a part of the process. The student should ensure the interpretation of the research is sound and makes sense. The editing process is a final chance to make sure that all the guidelines around plagiarism have been adhered to.

To conclude

Learning the skills needed to produce high-quality essays early on is essential. Otherwise, students will spend too much time on essays and none on other aspects of college life.

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