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Sep 28th 2018

5 Types of Students You Will Meet During Your First Year in College

types of students you will meet in college

New to college? College is one of the greatest periods of a person’s life, filled with lessons and experience that serve you for life. It offers different types of skills for students, an opportunity to meet some amazing people, and a chance to build on your knowledge and skills in a way nothing else can even compare to it.

Chances are you will meet more than 5 types of students during your college years, including foes and friends, and some people you’ll probably forget as soon as you get out of those doors. The people you meet will span in personality, gender and age, and will take part of your life at a specific point of your college experience.

But no matter how big a number you reach by meeting students and making friends, there are five categories in which you can separate the people you meet. Check out this list of the five most common types of students found in college.


This is a person who does everything ahead of you, sometimes even ahead of the professors. They study the materials before they are being learned at class and finish the assignments just hours after they are assigned. Basically, the overachiever lives for being the greatest college student ever. He goes above and beyond with everything, not just things in the classroom.

Even if the overachiever finishes everything and has no assignment left to finish, they’ll find something else to do. They’ll join college groups and activities, read the materials for next class, and literally everything else related to college. What you will hardly see them doing is find some time to party, or help other students become as great at a subject as they are.

Basically, an overachiever won’t just strive to overachieve. They’ll strive to be the very best at it.

Party Animal

The party animal is the college student you look for if you are interested to go to a party, want tickets for some concert, or simply need to have some fun during a boring college day. He would rather go out on Monday night than sit at home and study something, get drunk and go to the library only before exams come.

You can find this person with literally everyone who is interested to party, at any day or any time of the day. They are much more likely to be drunk than sober, and are friends with literally everyone. Also, they are invited to every single party.

Sisterhood Girls

The sisterhood in college becomes the life of the girls in it. They study with their sisters, eat with their sisters, have a sister’s dress code and rules for behaving. They never show up to parties unless in a team. But most importantly, they don’t think anyone else is worthy of their time or attention. Or at least, not the passive students who aren’t all that popular.


Athletes at college make their whole lives about their team and their sport. They train hard and are seriously dedicated, often so much that the rest of their college obligations fall behind. For these people, sport is their life. Similar to the sisterhood girls who, interestingly enough, are most likely to hang with this particular group of students.

There is much to learn from an athlete. They are seriously dedicated to their profession and don’t give up on their dreams. However, they are also too limited when it comes to hanging out with other students, so if you aren’t an athlete’s roommate or another athlete, you will hardly take part of such a group.


Finally, the person who doesn’t really do anything except for go to school and go back home. They don’t go to parties, aren’t athletes or parts of a sisterhood, and go basically unnoticed while at college.

With the under-involved student, there are many varieties. Some of them study hard, but most show no special interest about anything and just go through college studying ‘just enough’ to pass the exams. In their free time, they watch Netflix with a roommate, and you might convince them to go to one party or two.

But, that’s basically it. The under-involved student won’t become a member of a club, or make many friends during their time in college.

Of course, there are many different types of people and with it, different types of people you will meet in college. However, you will certainly notice these students during your college life. Some of them will become your friends, some of them will become your foes. The bottom line is, all of them will take some part of your college experience, sooner or later.

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