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Mar 18th 2016

Do boys have less intense friendship than girls?

You were about to empty a bottle of red wine, and you weren't worried about passing out anytime soon. You were too focused on the coursework. You found out that your family won't go on a holiday this summer. You couldn't recall the last party you attended until your fourth glass of red wine. It may be fifth.

You figured out that young men have less intense friendship than girls. You had serious thoughts about it, such that you browsed magazines (from the library). You find it strange that some men would head to the wild and performed a ritual. Such set-up would be a good excuse to reveal their innermost feelings. And then the Sandman came to mind. Not that you were scared of it, but such a thing could provide a good laugh when you were older.

Your coursemates talked about the images of clouds on Pluto. You were amused, as they didn't notice the clear sky a while ago. And then you recalled a paper you wrote a few months back. It was about male friendship in literature, and your instructor wasn't impressed at it. She thought something was holding you back. It was hard to discuss it in an analytical manner, but you haven't forgotten your short list. If you were given a second chance, then you would do it differently. This was your list:

Darcy and Bingley. This would be a good example of best friends not heeding advice especially if it has something to do with the fairer sex. You should know, as you haven't told your mates about your upcoming third year. Your tutor introduced you to an older student. Her humor charmed you. You sensed you would see more of her. You were afraid to tell your mates, as someone might turned into a Darcy. It could be the wine, though.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. You don't have a BFF (or whatever it means). You read the entire Harry Potter series, and you were more interested in the spirits and creatures inhabiting Hogwarts. You were superstitious to some extent.

Hamlet and Horatio. You thought Horatio was lucky to live to tell Hamlet's tale. You couldn't imagine tolerating a crazy person, but an intense match might be an exception. It was natural that a player would melt down. Shakespeare could roar his approval.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. You didn't look forward to the fourth season of "Sherlock", as you wouldn't stand someone like Holmes. You became insecure at the moment.

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. You had a wistful smile upon recalling the Three Musketeers. You could identify with them.

You woke up in bed. You had a headache, so you lied down a little longer. And then Tim barged in. He described what happened the previous night. You were raving mad when you recited lines by Dumas. They have to bring you out.

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