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Apr 5th 2016

Have curse words become so common that they lost their shock value?

The answer is in the affirmative if you're familiar with Madonna's songs.

In the strictest sense, freedom of speech doesn't necessarily mean political correctness. In fact, a newspaper publication is considering the idea of including curse words in its news features. It seems fine if one will take into consideration the nature of this company. (Editors and writers use the erudite approach in news writing.) If you happen to be a student and stumble into this kind of news article, then you'll be amused. But only a few ones will be curious about it.

Curse words are part of adult conversation, which means adults keep it to themselves. A children usually learns a curse word or two by accident, usually from his friends. And the parents will be the last ones to find out. As responsible adults, we tend to shield them away from this kind of language. We don't want to corrupt them at a young age. There's no need to doubt it, as children can learn fast without discerning it.

What will be the right approach? Here are the following things to keep in mind:

It will be better to turn off the television. When it comes to reality television, you must take the good with the bad. This means not taking the Kardashians seriously. On the other hand, talent shows aren't bad at first glance. (If singing is your kind of entertainment, then no one is stopping you from belting out.) There's no doubt that more writers are becoming more creative in the small screen, as seen in the number of interesting roles for actresses. But parental guidance may not be enough.

Freedom can be taken for granted. There's no point in telling your peers about democracy, which our forefathers fought hard a few centuries ago. What used to be a cherished concept became a natural sweetener brand. (Don't turn down a cup of Sweet Freedom.) But this is what time is all about. Reserve your opinion for the young ones.

Curse words don't make a good paper. It will be a shame if you think otherwise. The reading list will introduce you to different books, by esteemed authors no less. As tiring as reading and writing should be, you must know that writers won't resort to plain words. They can be subtle about it, which would have a greater effect.

Do you disagree? Tell us about it.

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