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Apr 12th 2019

Hilarious Exam Questions and Answers

What happens when a professor is trying hard to be funny? Usually, they fail miserably. If we're being honest, we'll have to admit that most teachers are boring. Well, they've been in the “educational” setting for their entire life. So they twisted up the concept of fun a bit.

But there are exceptions. There are brilliant professors, who can make a joke even during exams. The boring ones want to be like them. They want to imitate them, so they often get inspired by fun tests shared online.

So you tend to get a funny question now and then.

And you're expected to respond in a humorous way.

How about some inspiration? We'll list 11 interesting questions. Do you like cheating? We'll also tell you how to answer them!

funny exam questions

  1. What brand of sunglasses does Neo from Matrix wear?

  2. Do you know who asks the occasional Matrix-inspired question? – Those who teach programming, graphic design, or any other tech-related subject. Matrix is their Bible.

    The true answer is: we don't know. But someone got the idea to create an eyewear line called Matrix Eyewear. Anyway, here's a way to answer the question:

    “Neo doesn't actually wear sunglasses. It's all an illusion.”

    You'll get bonus points for that one!

  3. You drop your pen from the first floor of the school building. There's wind outside, providing air resistance of 9m/s2. Draw your cat's reaction.

  4. Ah; math teachers. I'd draw a dog instead. I hate cats. I don't have one.

  5. Describe a silly conversation you overheard

  6. This is a favorite question for literature teachers. They want you to pay attention to the surroundings. Writers often get inspired by conversations. How can you answer this?

    Be creative. You can invent a dumb conversation. No one can tell.

    But exams are tough. You get blocked and you can't think of anything. You know what? A “dad joke” will save you.

    “Dad and son at the pizza place:

    Son: Dad, I don't like pizza.

    Dad: That's ridiculous. Only a weir-dough doesn't like pizza. Ha ha ha. Get it? Weir-dough.

    … he didn't get it.”

  7. How many seasons was Friends on the air?

  8. This one is from the professor who was young and wild in the 90s. Friends conveyed everything he ever wanted to have. Ross was probably his favorite character.

    10 seasons is the right answer. But you wanna spice it up.

    “10 seasons, until they finally realized they weren't funny.”

    Whoa; that one will burn.

  9. Extra credit question: Complete the verse

  10. The teacher will usually quote the beginning of a song, and you should follow up.

    To get this right, you should figure out what kind of music the teacher listens to. Do your research way before the exam. Stalk them on social media. They share songs. Boring ones. The “Lionel Richie” type of songs. Listen to them all day, all night long. That's the way you prepare for this exam. You'll get the extra credit.

    You can leave the rest of the test blank. You don't have time to study all that. The teacher will still like you.

  11. Imagine an alternative universe. Someone who looks just like you is taking this test. What would they do to get an A?

  12. … She would probably study. But school isn't this boring in that alternative universe.

  13. What book did Hermione assume that Voldemort used when learning about Horcruxes?

  14. Oooh; we have a Harry Potter fan here. It's probably not your literature professor, though. It's just a teacher who likes trivia. Literature teachers are too stiff for that.

    The answer is: The Secrets of the Darkest Art.

  15. Impress me with something

  16. This is a good one. It leaves tons of space for you to get creative. You want to make the teacher question their wit? Get philosophical about it!

    “Why should I bother to impress? Why should I live my life in a constant battle to convince people I'm good enough? I am good enough when I act by my own free will. I don't want the opinions of others to change that. #existentialisttothebone”

  17. Why is Facebook useful?

  18. Be careful; some teachers may expect a serious answer to this one. But if you know the question is just for fun, you can get creative.

    “Stalking my ex's ex.”

    That's a good one.

  19. What's your greatest accomplishment so far?

  20. “Sitting through your classes.”

    Nooooo! Don't write that! You don't get bonus points for offending the professor, no matter how funny you get.

    Write something else. Say you're wearing matching socks today.

  21. Draw a meme

  22. This one is getting popular. You know memes, right? Sketch your favorite one on the test.

    If you can draw Nicolas Cage, you get bonus points!

Who Said Tests Were Boring?

We should see more of these fun questions on all tests. We should make it a rule for teachers. We should ask them to be funny, and then we should give them grades on that. Most of them would do lousy. But hey; it would be fun to put such a pressure on them, right?

How about turning this into a real student movement?

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