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Oct 20th 2015

How to Improve Your Literacy

You read the title somewhere. You believe it only applies to primary and high school students. You're dead wrong.

Countless papers will make you prone to errors, which is natural. You wish for more time, though. College students don't have that luxury, forcing to learn time management (or procrastination) along the way. It's a must, as the time and effort you put into your writing will help you become better at one. Hard decision must be made, like less time for socialization. Except if you develop a camaraderie with your coursemates. The support is important, but you still have to figure out your assignment. And improving your literary will make you a better writer.

Here are some valuable tips:

Read a lot of short stories. Unless you're a fast reader, then it will be impossible to finish a novel in a semester. It will be a miracle to read the first ten pages of a novella. You still need your leisure reading, and a short story is several pages long. Useless information in the Internet (e.g. leech farming) may not benefit you. It's all about literary works.

Make reading a habit. You have lots of excuses for doing otherwise. You have a required list of novels to study and write about. And another set of books related to it. More readings, which will help you have a better understanding (of the novels). You have a point there, but wait. Have you consider the time before you sleep? It will be half an hour at the most. You can also read while commuting, but it shouldn't be heavy reading. (And try to avoid titles with too many subplots.) Always bring a book, which will be handy during unexpected moments.

Search for reluctant readers. They are everywhere, those who don't look like heavy readers. And you'll be surprised. This kind of reader is more engrossed in the story, even capable of guessing the themes correctly. A close attention is required, which you fail to do at times. Besides, you need a different point of view. And these readers can help you look at a text differently. (It might give you an idea for your paper, which you haven't thought before.) Discuss a book with your coursemates. Don't forget your housemates. Different opinions mean better appreciation.

Don't hurry. Reading at a deliberate pace will make you aware of the writing style, which will help you later. Furthermore, you'll have a greater chance of knowing the story better. Who knows, you'll have a good guess before you finish the book. You don't have to rush on your assignment, even if you have limited time. This will lead to more errors, and you might have no time for proofreading. You can even be too tired to do it. Slow yet sure is the only way.

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