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Oct 21st 2015

How Can Your School Help the European Migrant Crisis?

Tension already filled the air, and the blame game began before you knew it. Temperature continues to drop, but this doesn't stop the migrants from seeking greener pasture. Winter can be brutal in Europe, but the Syrian and Afghan migrants rather risk illness.

It remains to be seen if this ongoing exodus will change the political and social landscape in Europe, but this might be the best time to talk about it. Instead of showing your displeasure, why not look back at the history of Europe. There have been countless migrations, diaspora not included. The earliest inhabitants might not liked the ingratitude and utter lack of respect, but they knew it would lead to change. In fact, you can be the descendant of migrants.

You might have not adjusted to the campus life if you haven't heard about efforts to help the Arab migrants. Apathy won't be an option, as most will be affected sooner or later. And it won't require much of your time. Let's have a look at it:

Be proactive. Someone in the university might have initiated the campaign (to help the migrants), which you are unaware of. And you decided to solicit anything for them. Asking for warm blankets won't be a Herculean task, but don't expect too much. Eventually, you'll meet a group involve in it. Better collaborate, if not join them. After all, you're doing it for a common cause. (The more, the merrier.) This will make you passionate about it.

Persuade your friends. This might take a lot of effort, even discourage you at first. Don't expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon. Be prepare for the lack of support. And don't try too hard to convince them that you're in the right side of the fence. (It will be pointless to argue with history.) This is about hundreds of misplaced migrants, with an uncertain future. It will be better to open our heart. Don't include politics, as there's a venue for it.

There are many ways to do it. If you know someone in the continent, then try to find a way to help. And you don't have to attempt to get in touch with an important figure. It's not about you.

You can be from one of those countries unaffected by the situation, but don't bet on it. When it happens, then there shouldn't be hesitation on your part. There's no need to rehearse on it. Keep in mind that generosity goes a long way. A gesture of goodwill can build a better world.

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