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Jul 12th 2018

How Do You Get Students to Sign Up to Your (College) Club?

Whether you're a loner or a people type of teenager, you know that there's more to the club than the usual socializing on a weeknight (or weekend). You have seen how your mother has invested a lot of time in keeping your family together. (And no one can't live without a good cook.) You also recall your old friends, where there's mutual trust and respect between you. You couldn't imagine keeping in touch if there isn't one. These insights should help you get along with the other members of the club, and you've been dreaming about it during the application period. And then comes the twist.

Someone in the group thinks you should aspire for the (club) presidency. Then again, you've been toying with the idea of forming your own group. You want to look for other students who share your interests, and having your own club would be a good excuse to indulge in it. Can you sustain it? This is not an easy question, as your interest in social activities (relating to the club) can clash with your commitment to the coursework. One has to fall behind the other sooner or later. You can't give up your goal (of receiving an undergraduate degree) for the sake of a few hours of happy moments with your coursemates (or students from other departments). There's a way.

Heading a club can be a challenging act, if not a very risky move. It might not be the case if you're a B.A. English student who wants to share your passion in comics with other (geeky) students, if not a B.S. Math major who has seen "Pi" countless times. (You still believe that you haven't deconstructed all the scenes, so you're looking for some students to enlighten you.) Whether it will be a fun experience or a moment you rather not recall ten years from now, you must be able to know certain things that will help you keep the club going.

What a Good (Club) President Knows

A good investment is needed to lure students. You must shell out some money for the boxes of pizza and cans of beer, which have been tried and tested in the past. Don't expect these would-be members to donate the small fraction of their allowance for these goodies. You need them more at this point. If you're expecting something in return, then step aside for the other member (to become president).

Show your enthusiastic side. The club may have a few hundred members, but only a number will attend the activities that you've organized during your free time. This is not a good sign at all. If the club is about a fledgling interest in a new ball game, then it could be a difficulty in learning it. You might have to look a more able student. If it's about useless information, then you may be too selfish for your own interests. If some students perceive you as a mini-dictator, then you must assess your idea of leadership.

Have faith in your fellow members. Delegating tasks to the other members may show your magnanimous side, which is one true sign of a good leader. You're doing yourself a favor, though. If the coursework is starting to overwhelm you, then it will be sensible to seek help. You can let someone (or the others) plan the next activity, if not organize another social gathering (to recruit new members). Promise them that you won't miss it especially if there would be a deadline on that date.

Don't ever underestimate the power of clothing. You need a brand that members can identify with. It should give you a sense of identity and belonging. Discuss it with the members, as you make sure that every opinion is being heard. There must be an agreement on the color(s), which might turn off some members. It's a matter of personal taste, which is hard to argue with. Talk it over.

Make each happening more memorable than the previous ones. You need to think out of the box on this one. Not a few students would suggest a pub crawl, and it should be hard to go against it. Keep in mind that it must not prevent some members from attending the lecture(s) the following morning. (A Friday night seems ideal for all members.) If you belong to the English Department, then organize a costume party. You must look (and talk) like your favorite fictional character. A meeting of brooding characters should be interesting enough. If you're attending lectures in the History Department, then set a date in the museum. There might be a scenic terrain not far from the university, which has a storied past. You can see a pattern from there.

Core Value That Matters

Students want recognition, which is something to confirm that all the time and effort have been worth it. Many students would be thinking of the coursework, but there are those who believe that there's more to student life than not missing a lecture. This is where the college clubs come in. What you'll do will make your CV more attractive to recruiters, but you're not interested in it. Yet.

Most students have trouble stretching their (limited) budget, so tell them about the low membership fee.

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