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Apr 6th 2018

Spring Is Here: The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

The air is as crisp as an apple, and the children are keen on picking up cones. Spring is here, and you've been curious about what the kids would do. It quite surprised you that they went back to school. You could imagine how the spring stimulated their zest for learning. Blame it on the morning sun.

You're looking forward to spring semester after a lengthy break, but what remains of the coursework overwhelms you. Self doubt creeps into your mindset, prompting you to indulge in your own set of rituals to relieve the seemingly insurmountable pressure. You may be thinking of sleeping it off, but there's a better way. You can let the sunshine in, if not go out and relish the greenery. A little distraction won't hurt you while you notice the pine cones not far the path you're walking. A distant memory comes to mind, of how your old man managed to create an owl from a pine cone. He even told you about his very own childhood memories, one of which was the first time he found out that owls were nocturnal creatures. You didn't have a clue, as you were reminded of Athena's owl (in "Clash of the Titans"). Then and there, you realize that outdoor learning might be better at this late stage of the term.

The Secrets of the Great Outdoors are Unlocked

The outdoors put you in a playful mood. If you're a BA English student, then you will need it badly. Literary criticism does require your serious attention, but it won't be good enough to engage your professor. The sight of children climbing up the trees should give you the courage to think out of the box. Nothing is too silly (or outlandish) until your instructor tells you so. There's a zero chance that you won't be told about it, though. After all, creative writing requires originality. No need to imitate the kids, as you might fall down (and get a serious injury).

The space should give you some assurance. There are no limitations in essay writing. As a matter of fact, you need all the space to imagine all the possible arguments that you can discuss in your paper. There's more to Shakespeare than love and follies, as you figure out why his plays transcend time and culture. You might want to ride on a swing and forget about it for a while. Don't expect a great idea to pop inside your head (when you're done with swinging). Do your best to enjoy the scenery, as you trust that that great idea will come when you least expect it. Some students may need to sleep it off, but you can be the lucky one (who can think of it sooner).

Spring reminds you of resilience. This seems hard to believe, but it's true. The long winter is followed by the growth of leaves and blossoming of flowers. It signifies hope for those who wait for this time of the year. (Some students prefer the autumn, but it's another matter.) It should remind you of how the rigorous demands of the coursework is affecting you. All you have to do is keep on reminding yourself that you're not far away from completing the tasks. If it won't be enough, then you can invite your coursemates to a group study. You can tell your roommate about it, but don't be angry if it won't be reciprocated with sympathetic ears. Both of you might need to attend a weekend party.

Rainfall can put you in a dreamy mood. Some authors look forward to a rainy day, which helps them cure their writer's block. They can imagine a writer driving through a wintry road until an unexpected accident. A lonely woman saved him from imminent danger, but he found out a bit too late that she was his most devoted fan. And the likes of her could be terrifying at times. Stephen King thought about this bizarre premise for "Misery", but you could do better.

The sunshine puts you in a positive mood. There's no room for morbid thoughts, not even a moment of pessimism. The term will be over in a matter of weeks. It's not long as you think, so buckle up. You need to be wide awake, and the sunshine will help you kick off the lethargy and drowsiness that you've been feeling for some time. If it's not enough, then a daily dose of caffeine will guarantee that you can make it through the day.

If You Need to Get Away, then Think Twice

You can find an open space in the university. An access to Mother Nature is free of charge. It won't take minutes to take you there. This is a win-win situation, where you don't need to shell out a lot of money. (And it's rare to find a student who doesn't have any financial problem.) Go out if you need to take a break. Have fun if you stumble on your train of thoughts. You'll be glad to get out, have a bit of fun, and get a recharge.

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