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Mar 29th 2018

The Spring Resolutions That College Students Must Make

The hills are alive during the spring season, but it's a different picture in the university. The term is coming to its final stretch. It's the most stressful moment for any college student, as the examinations and essay assignments are crammed into that short season (or so you've been thinking during these past months). It happens to be a rite of passage for any college student, so you should have a general idea. (If you didn't ask older students during your first visit to the campus, then you could have saved those questions for your tutor.)

If you're struggling with the coursework, if not you want to do better, then you must have a list of resolutions. If you have come up with a list of New Year's Day, then you should check it and see if you have broken your vows. (You can take a long sleep if you manage to keep a few. Consider it as a treat.)

Spring Break Safety Tips

You must bring along your identification card (I.D.). If you think it's a nuisance, then think of the problems that may arise if you don't an I.D, It applies to those who want to cross the border during the spring break. If you've been saving for a Caribbean holiday, then you must have your passport by now. You might need to present your I.D. on any transaction within and/or outside the university, so it's advisable to place it inside your backpack. You might be insisting on your wallet, but a loss is not an uncommon occurrence. Replacing it might take some time, and you have little free time right now (or next month).

Take small amounts of money. Loss of money distracts you from your studies, also affects your routine. Lack of money can be worrisome, which you don't need at this stage of the term. It will be a sensible thing to open a bank account, where you don't have to worry about the possibility of theft. As for the rest of your money, study your room carefully. Think of an unlikely spot, where others would overlook it. (The floor under your bed is probably the first spot to look into. The cabinet would be next. Don't include your study table.)

Go out with your friends. It has nothing to do with your social life (or keeping in touch with your buddies), but you might be an unwitting prey if you go to a public place by your lonesome. The company will do you good, as it let the pressure ease off you. If you want assurance (that you can make it to the final week), then you only need to let them know about your worries.

It's time to limit your alcohol consumption. You need to be sober for a number of reasons. You don't want to get a hangover the following day especially if you have a deadline. If you have an examination in two or three days, then you can't risk a headache or any discomfort that might arise when you get tipsy. You might have a pressing problem, so it won't be right to get intoxicated. You're struggling to repress your rebellious urge, which is why you should dial a friend immediately. You pass out easily. If you have other reason(s), then it will be better to keep it to yourself.

Get more sleep. You really need it because you would lose sleep during your final month. It happens to the most organized student, so don't ever think about social media during night time. You can find time during the weekend. If it's not possible, then your friends won't take it against you. Everyone is on the same boat.

Your New Challenges This Season

If you've been procrastinating on eight-page essays since fall, then you should put a stop to it this spring. If your professor has given you an essay topic, then start on it right away. You can't sacrifice your good night's sleep, as you need quick thinking during your examination. You can be off your A-game, if not lethargic during most of the day. If you haven't experience the effects, then don't do it (and find out). You may not be wide awake for your next assignment.

How about the late-night study snacks? This seems to be a tough call. Teenagers may have a high metabolic rate, but don't ever think that you'll be immune to drowsiness and change of mood that happens after consuming lots of snacks. It's also not a good thing to make it a frequent habit, as there's no substitute for the meals that you've been missing for months. If you don't have time to prepare a meal, then fruits and lots of liquid are good enough. You've been working hard, so you deserve a slice of pizza or two.

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