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Oct 20th 2020

Top 10 Hacks on How to Get Back into Study Mode after Summer Holiday

The summer holiday lasts enough, but students always think that it's too short. When the time for school comes again, they face a major issue: how to get back to studying after a long period of relaxation. EduGeeksClub always comes up with solutions. We'll give you a few tips on how to handle the transition stage.

When summer ends, this means that you can stop texting your friends and scheduling a day at the beach, and start taking notes and writing papers. The answer to the question how many days till summer break is so far away, you literally have no desire to work to get to that goal.

Yes, the transfer is hard. You need to once again learn how to concentrate on studies for long hours, finally write all that summer holiday homework you've been putting off for so long, and start being responsible after a long, long break.

Tips from Experts: How to Get into Study Mode

There are various ways to get yourself inspired to study again. Whether you like it or not, you'll have to face the reality and stop complaining about the summer break being over. You'll start attending classes, you'll hang out with your friends more, and you can always get help with dissertation when you can't complete a project. College is not that scary. You won't even feel the new year passing by, and summer will come again. Here's how to survive until then:

1. Get Good Rest and Fine Breakfast

Students often go back to their horrible dining and resting habits during summer break. However, when the time comes to go back to school, you need solid rest and a healthy breakfast that will keep you energized and get you back into shape.

Get up early after a good night sleep, sit down and get some quality breakfast. The time when you ate whatever you found, mostly fast food, is now gone. With the numerous breakfast options that are done within minutes, this lifestyle change will cost you literally minutes, but change a lot.

Also, try to implement some exercise into this routine. If you want to get back in the study mode, you will need energy. A good breakfast and sufficient sleep will change your life drastically, but add exercise to this combo, and you can faster adjust to a new life.

Getting up early can be really hard at the beginning, so you better start with small steps. Get up half an hour earlier every day for a week before school starts, and you won't have to experience the same troubles as the guy in this summer break meme (1).

sad guy summer break meme

2. Plan Your Days Again

Think of it like this – you probably planned things to do during summer break college, so why not plan the study part too? Same as you counted the days until that popular summer break festival, you can plan the transfer into study mood. It will not be as enthusiastic as the case with the summer break festival, but will definitely make things easier for you.

Now is the time to get serious. Plan your time. Organize the time necessary to write your summer vacation homework, prioritize the task, choose the essentials and place them first. Whichever can be postponed or delegated, place it after the priorities. Naturally, the summer vacation homework you procrastinated by now should be at the top of your list.

Don't forget to leave some precious time of your day for yourself. Changing your life drastically will be very hard, so organize your time in order to leave some ‘me' time to ease into the process. The more organized you are, the better it will turn out for you.

3. Find a Study Buddy

The friends you made during summer break can be very helpful in these situations. Your old study buddies and classmates, the people you meet in those summer holiday clubs, and literally everyone that crosses your mind that would be interested to help. Whatever you choose, find a good study buddy to overcome this period.

Get a partner or a group and arrange to meet with them weekly to talk through the materials learned in school. You can even get a tutor or ask the professor to connect you with some other students who are interested in group studying.

This will make studying more fun and provide you with the assistance you need, while at the same time boost your social life. There are many summer holiday clubs that keep you up to date on your homework and study materials for the summer, but even if you didn't attend these, it is never late to find a study buddy.

4. Check the Small Things off Your List

If you are too distracted to start big projects or organize everything in time, start small. Tackle the smaller task, then a bigger one, then a bigger one. When you finish a couple of small tasks in a day or two, you will get the hang of it and be able to increase your work. This is invigorating and fulfilling, and will keep you motivated to check off even the biggest tasks off your lists.

In fact, the study programs often acknowledge this and often give students tasks that are simple to start with. Follow the syllabus and attend the first classes. These will help you get oriented.

Once you get back on your ‘study feet', you can once again start counting: ‘how many days until summer break'? And look for summer break memes on the internet without getting stressed.  

when you start counting how many days until summer break

5. Leave Early from Your Vacation

Wherever you are on vacation, you should either prepare for school while there, or leave early to get some days of rest before school time comes. Don't forget – study holidays for adults and young students are the same, and everyone needs some adjustment even if they don't have to go back to work for another week. Sometimes leaving early from the vacation or turning it into study holidays is the best way to get ready for the school year.

6. Shop for Classes

If you don't want to get stuck having to learn more than you should to impress a very tough professor, you better start your research early. Ask around and find students who had your professors before you. Learn what they have to say about the professors, and simply shop for classes where adjustment won't be that big of a deal.

When you learn what a professor is like, you can anticipate their teaching style and the demands he will have for you. This will tell you whether to take or drop that class, if that is an option.

For those who do want to get a difficult class with an impossible professor, study holidays are a must. Get prepared before you need to be prepared. There are many study holidays for adults and students that actually prepare you for the study year that awaits you.

7. Get ‘Book Smart'

Instead of counting how many days until summer break, focus on what's ahead – a year of studying, writing papers and meeting deadlines. Get book smart – this will keep you prepared and ready for the study year, and with little effort, you'll be able to adjust and master all the materials studied this year.

When you are book smart, your year will go by faster than you think. Think of this as a kind of a mantra for concentration in studies, or your secret helper to overcome the school time and get back to summer again. The faster you finish the year, the sooner you can stop counting how many days until summer break. In fact, when this happens, you can easily be the guy on a funny summer break meme.

books as a mantra for concentration

8. Take One Step at a Time

There isn't a mantra for concentration in studies that will get you back into study mood right away. Adjusting to a study time after a long break takes time, as do most things in life. With time, you'll stop asking yourself so often: how many days until summer break, and focus on the tasks in front of you instead.

We cannot tell you any recipe on how to concentrate for studies. Studying involves plenty of activities, including reading, learning, and writing. In fact, chances are you'll be asked to write a paper even before you start school. One of the most popular summer break homework tasks are essay on summer holidays for kids. Even if you are a young adult going back to school, you will still be asked to write the tradition – an essay on summer holidays for kids.

This essay is assigned not just so you can share your experiences with the class, but to safely roll you into writing mood while keeping your summer vacation memories fresh. It is an excellent way to get you started and an example that you should take it one step at a time.

Don't rush into preparing for exams or dreading over the next exam session. If you want to learn how to concentrate for study, take one day at a time until you get fully adjusted.

For starters, it might be hard for you to keep the information in your head. Take some light reading of the material before you go to bed to keep it fresh in your mind. This will help you follow the ‘one step at a time' routine.

9. Get Some Digital Help

You are in a much better situation than students in the past. Before the invention of computers, smartphones and Internet, students used to daydream about how many days until summer break, with literary no help to overcome the transfer from summer break to study mode.

If you need some assistance, technology will help you learn how to concentrate for studies. Many books online can get you prepared for the materials and keep your studying mode intact during the summer break. Simply downloading some apps and quizzes and taking five minutes per day to look through them should keep you in shape for the year that comes. And mastering the new materials will come much easier to you then, too.

Another option provided by the magnificent digital world is the audio option. You don't have to trouble your eyes or mind at all – just throw a cd into your laptop and practice for the upcoming quizzes and tests. You can even practice this method when you start school and need some time before you start studying until morning.

10. Build Relationships with Your Professors

There's no better person to tell you or motivate you on how to concentrate to study than your professors. Your classes do not have to be limited to the classroom only. Maintain a professional relationship and contact with your professors and discuss materials with them whenever you need their guidance. This is what office hours are all about.

This is the same as building relationships with peers from your study groups. A professor can help you find a tutor, tell you what materials to learn and which books to download on your laptop, and provide you with advice that will help you get back to study mood faster. They are experienced and there to help you, so why not use this into your advantage to help smooth out the ‘going back to school' process?

These ten steps might sound too simple to be real, but they will surely put you in the ‘back to school' mindset you are trying to find so hard. So, take a deep breath, go through this list step by step, and make the beginning of a very successful school year.

Extra Tip: How to Get Back into Studying after a Long Break

You'll have to accept the new reality: you're at college now, and you have important responsibilities to deal with. It's all for a good cause. If you go through the term with success, you'll be a major step closer to the career you want.

Don't let anything bring you down. Even if you face an obstacle with an important project, you can say: “It's no big deal; I'll just hire a pro to write my paper and I'll carry on.”

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