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Oct 16th 2018

Top 10 Unforgettable Halloween Activities to Try in College

How was your Halloween five years ago? Do you remember it vividly? If it was fun, you probably remember it. If it was boring, you can't even remember the costume you were wearing.

Halloween should be fun. The very essence of this holiday is fun. We're not getting into its religious meaning, which has to do with remembering the dead. Let's stick to the good part, which is about wearing costumes and scaring our friends out of their sanity.

College is the perfect time and place for the craziest Halloween you've ever had. It's time to work on making it memorable. Do you want to know how?

activities to try for halloween at college

1. Make Pumpkin-Inspired Food

This activity may not be scary, but it's definitely suitable and exciting. What's Halloween without pumpkins and good food? When you combine these two things, you get awesomeness. You can make pumpkin pies, cookies, tiramisu, parfaits, cupcakes, and many other types of deserts. Plus, you can get pumpkin ice cream and healthy snacks made of pumpkin. If you manage to decorate the table in a spooky way, it's a double win!

2. Play the Mummy Game

You can play any kind of game that ends with someone losing. Beer pong would be fun, but try not to drink too much, okay? You'll need a sharp mind for the thing that follows. The lower will be mummified! You'll wrap them with toilet paper.

3. Eat Worms and Spiders… Without Hands

If you've ever played apple bobbing as a kid, you remember how silly, but fun the game was. Now, you can take it to the next level. Worm and spider bobbing! Don't worry; you won't be eating real worms and spiders; you'll get gummy candies that look just as scary.

4. Have a Costume Contest, with Prizes

When you announce a valuable prize for the winner of the costume contest, everyone will make more effort to contribute to a great party. Then, you'll all vote for the best costumes, and they will get interesting prizes. A bag of scary food seems like a nice idea.

5. Get Creative with the Theme

How about a themed party? You can choose animals as a theme for scary costumes. Or you can go for a specific period of history. Or, you can go traditional with skeletons as your Halloween party theme.

6. Carve Pumpkins and Have a Contest

You can all do this few days before the party. Invite everyone for a carving day. You'll work on the pumpkins together. You'll choose the best creation and you'll turn it into the centerpiece of the party.

7. Halloween at the Amusement Park Is Just as Fun

You're not allowed to have a loud party at the dorm room and you have no idea where to throw a party? It's not a problem; you and your friends can dress up and go out. A night at the amusement park will be a lot of fun. You'll eat all the fatty foods and you'll ride all the rides that make you scream your heads off.

8. Throw a Pub Crawl

Halloween is the perfect night for a pub crawl. You'll get together with your friends, you'll dress up in costumes, and you'll start the night drinking at a certain pub. But you won't stop there. You'll keep going from one pub to another until you get completely exhausted… or totally wasted.

9. Create Halloween-Themed Drinks

If you decide to throw that party after all, beer won't do it. You'll have to think of something cooler. Something more suitable for Halloween. How about blood-red or slimy-green cocktails? Just hit Pinterest and you'll definitely find the coolest ideas.

10. Watch the Scariest Movies

This is the perfect moment for a movie night. Choose Japanese horror movies; they are the scariest. Play one after another, all night long. You'll have Halloween-themed snacks and drinks, and you'll just watch the movies and be scared. Can you think of a more perfect evening with your friends? This Is Your Time to Shine You're at college. Once you get out of there, you'll get a serious job and you won't be able to act silly at Halloween. Then, you'll start a family and you'll throw boring Halloween parties for your kids. Seriously; this is the best time to get wild and do all the things you want to do at Halloween. You won't get another chance like this one. Use it well!

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