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Oct 31st 2017

Top 5 Review Sites to Choose a Perfect Writing Service

A vast majority of college students are looking for help from academic writing services nowadays. With so many responsibilities on their minds, students can hardly make it through the courses without an occasional support from the outside.

Professional writing services have been flourishing recently because of their ability to provide clients with high-quality essays and research papers. However, this trend has a negative side effect as many new agencies are not able to guarantee the quality of their products.

This is why you need to be careful and keep in mind that not all of these services deliver the best results. In this article, we will present you top 5 trusted review websites to help you choose a perfect academic writing service.

Where to Check the Credibility of Writing Services

There are many web pages where you can check the credibility of online tools and services. However, these 5 websites proved to be the most reliable when it comes to academic writing services, so let's check them out here.



Sitejabber is one of the most popular customer review websites on the market. With more than 2.5 million unique monthly visitors, it offers comments and ratings from real people related to all sorts of writing services. Even more, clients can also ask for a comment from other customers or from the agencies themselves.

Founded in 2008, Sitejabber has been expanding its reach and influence steadily. According to the site founders, their goal is to help users avoid online fraud. They operate advanced software which successfully detects and eliminates fake reviews. This is not an easy task but Sitejabber does a great job in that regard, especially in terms of professional writing services.

Big Bang Dissertation


Big Bang Dissertation is a review website that helps PhD candidates find an appropriate writing service for their thesis. The advantage of this website is that it provides users with an all-around experience. Namely, Big Bang Dissertation analyzes the quality of an online writing service but it also compares prices, customer support, discounts, etc.

They also display many other details about the company policies and reveal the proficiency of all members of the writing team. Additionally, Big Bang Dissertation has a nice blog section in which you can find valuable suggestions about all sorts of PhD topics. All these features earned this webpage a place on our top 5 list.



AnalyzEdu is a group of former students who were struggling with pretty much the same problems like you are facing right now. They noticed that it's hard to find a reliable academic writing service, so they founded this website a few years ago to help new generations. AnalyzEdu explores the quality of writing services, their prices, and delivery.

You can also find information about the range of services, customer satisfaction, revision policies, and versatility of the writing team. But the guys from AnalyzEdu don't only ask former customers about their experiences with any given scholarly writing services. They also order actual research papers to analyze the quality, which is a huge extra point for the website's credibility.

Essay Heaven


Essay Heaven is another trusted review website which evaluates academic writing services. But it also conducts first-hand tests of their papers, adding more validity to the entire process. Besides standard information about the website service packages, discounts, and prices, Essay Heaven makes an in-depth analysis of many popular essays writing agencies.

Besides their own team members – who just happen to be genuine essay geeks – also ask for help from independent contractors to come up with comprehensive webpage evaluations. With Essay Heaven, you will hardly ever make a wrong choice while choosing a preferable academic writing service.

Scam Adviser


Using Scam Adviser, you can inspect each one of the websites in charge of scholarly essays and research papers. Just like other websites on our list, Scam Adviser evaluates the aspects like prices, quality, and timing. However, they also have a nice forum which allows all visitors to launch a new topic or join previous discussions.

Scam Adviser also displays a lot of testimonials from their former clients, which is another proof of their trustworthiness. But the one thing that we love the most about this review service is that they have a Hall of Shame page with top scams at the moment. Additionally, they added a section dedicated to the last 50 websites checked that are possibly unsafe with a thorough analysis about each one.


If you need assistance of an academic writing service to help you through the semester, you will find hundreds of agencies online. However, you need to make sure to choose the most appropriate one before taking any action.

Using one of the websites described above, you can check all the details about each one of the writing services. Make sure to do the research and let us know if you need more suggestions about this topic.

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